Self Defense Description

The goal of the competitors is to demonstrate practical self-defense techniques through the safe performance of self-defense scenarios (choreographed attack and defend sequences)

Each competitor can perform up to three attack-defense scenarios. A competitor may do three single attacks with one attacker each or a sequence of attacks from multiple attackers. Any combination of three attacks is acceptable. Two of the attacks must be empty handed. The third attack may use a weapon. All self-defense techniques will be empty handed, although the defender may use a weapon to finish a scenario if it was taken from the attacker.

Judges will base their scores on the following:

  • Practicality – are the techniques in the realm of possibility.
  • Effectiveness – would the techniques sufficiently control or disable the attacker.
  • Focus – were the techniques aimed at the appropriate targets and performed well.
  • Speed and Distance – were the techniques performed quickly and did they finish close enough to the attacker to demonstrate control yet seem realistic.
  • Originality and choreography – this criterion will be applied to Black Belt competitors only.


Competitors will be divided into divisions as needed. Remember, safety is the primary concern in self-defense demonstrations.