Tournament Rules

In general we will follow the rules outlined in the AKA Rule Book. Rules for Point Sparring, Chanbara, and Team Form divisions are summarized below. See the current  AKA RULE BOOK for additional information, including the definition of Creative and Extreme forms and weapons divisions.

Point Sparring: We will follow AKA and NASKA rules, so hand contact to the head is allowed. Scoring is 1 point for a successful hand technique, 2 points for successful kick. You will need to  wear head protection, a mouth guard, and shin guards (we will have those to loan if you don’t own any), gloves that cover the fingers, and boots that cover the toes. Chest protection is optional as is a face guard. Rounds are 2 minutes or until there is a 7-point advantage. We will spar for 3rd and 4th place as well as first and second.

If there are 3 competitors in a division (A, B, C), competitor (C) will get a bye. If competitor A wins the first bout, but then loses to C, C will get first place, A second, and B third. If competitor A wins both bouts, then B and C will spar for 2nd and 3rd place.

Chanbara (Soft Sword Sparring): This fun new event will be administered by Mark Weinberg, Japanese Chanbara Association certified instructor. Youth will spar with Kodachi (short swords) and adults with Bokken (long swords). Rules will be explained and equipment provided. All competitors will be required to wear head gear. All ages and belt levels can register. Divisions will be split according to age, belt level, and size. The Chanbara Grand Champion will receive a trophy and a soft sword.

Team Forms: Family Team members can be any age or rank. Other Teams will compete in the division of the oldest and/or highest rank member of the team. For example, if any team member holds a Black Belt, the team must compete in a Black Belt division, even if other team members are underbelts. If any team member is over 18, the team must compete in an adult division.